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Inkjet Spot UV Coater with Cold Foil JetTouch B2



Yutian Xindecheng will launch and demonstrate its innovative Spot UV coating and cold foil solutions JetTouch B2 for a wide range of applications in China Print show floor.


Always focusing on the industrial trend and new developments in digital printings finishing, Xindecheng is able to respond to these developments and offer the best affordable solution for spot UV coating and digital stamping without mold or plate, in short run and medium run finishing.


The JetTouch B2 is a combination result of 15-year manufacturing experience and high-tech scientific institution and the coating thickness can reach 350microns.


And its cold foil station can do foil stamping digitally, easy fast and without any waste, bringing touchable shining effect.


With our JetTouch B2, make your value touchable and make your dream affordable.


Inkjet Technology

JetTouch B2 custom-build piezo print heads ensure that you can coat as thin as 3 microns and as thick as 350 microns. It allows coating lines as small as 0.5mm and as big as 500mm. 


Touch Screen interface with accessible software

JetTouch B2 uses 21’’ touch screen and accessible software to ensure that you can switch between different jobs easily and quickly. Users can make balance between the cost and coating thickness easily.


Digital spot coating with 3D effect

The spot coating requires no screen or plate and it can do variable data coating digitally. The raised 3D effect adds value to your printings and differentiates your brand from others. The eye-attracting finishes will bring more customers and profit.


Cold foil stamping digitally

The cold foil stamping requires no film or dies, and allows foil stamping with variable data from one sheet to thousands of sheet in digital process. The stamping result is as good as traditional hot stamping. The shining effect is another feature to make your printings unique and profitable.


UV Curing

JetTouch B2 uses integrated UV curing system for instant drying.  Sheets are completely dry before entering the stacker and can be further processed.


Registration with camera and barcode reader

JetTouch B2 uses camera to ensure that the sheets are adjusted in dynamic condition and positioned perfectly before coating.

Barcode reader is available option


Automatic feeder

Automatic feeding through air suction feeder with top pick-up and belt delivery, advanced technology and design ensure the stable performance.

Double sheet detector


Automatic stacker

With side-jogger and rear-jogger, the automatic stacker can receive the finished sheets smoothly and can do further finish without extra jogging.

Automatic sample pick-up design


Vast applications

From magazine covers, books, brochures, labels to invitation cards and packaging, it provides spot coating and foil stamping in one pass on offset printings or digital printings, and brings service and benefits to your customers in short run and long run.


Technical Specifications


Model No.: JetTouch B2


Coating Technology

JetTouch B2 exclusive inkjet technology

Peizoelectric ceramic print heads in one pass


Coating Thickness

Depending on the paper and file requirement, the coating thickness can vary from thinnest 3microns to thickness 350 microns


Coating Speed

Maximum 3000 SPH of B2 sheet or 40m/min. (May vary according to different coating thickness.)


Registration system

Automatic registration with camera

Registration precision +/-200 microns


Paper size

Min.: 320x464mm

Max.: 520x750mm


Max. Coating area

Up to 500x740mm


Printings thickness

Min.: 128gsm

Max.: 600gsm


High pile automatic feeder

Max. loading paper height is 800mm, about 5500sheets of 135gsm paper


High pile stacker

Max. receiving paper height is 750mm, about 5200sheets of 135gsm


Power supply

380V 50Hz 3phase 22kw



Automatic Feeder: 2000*1070*1060mm

UV Coater/cold foil: 2650*1070*1720mm

Automatic stacker: 1830*1070*1060mm




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