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Tang Station Pro MM732 Multi-Functional printings Finishing Machine
Tang Station Pro MM732 Multi-Functional printings Finishing Machine
      With fashion design, small location, this Multi-Functional printings finishing machine can be used for business cards, greeting cards, invitation letters, menu, brochures, catalogs, posters, product labels, certificates, calendars, documents, photograph, packaging covers, packaging cartons and much more. 
      It can automatically do creasing, cutting, and hot stamping in one pass. They are the first and most important finishing solution of short-run printings finishing and on-demand finishing for digital printing shop, printing company, office and government.
      It is easy and convenient to operate through touch screen, the control panel will guides the operator through the setup of all functions of option, position, quantity. Setup at will produce specified products.
      Air suction feeder with top pick-up, advanced technology and stable performance. 20cm high loading quantity. Adjustment knob for different paper weight to avoid double sheet feeding.
      Double registering mode with high precision. The precision is within ±0.10mm accuracy.
      Test mode, counting mode. Finishing data can be saved and applied later.
      There are three creasing deepness option available.
      There are two speed option available.
      Ten creasing line in one pass.
      Three times of hot stamping in one pass. 
      Fifteen cutting in one pass.
      Hot stamping type is flat to flat. The hot stamping plate is standard plate.
      Safety protection design under CE regulation.
Model No.: Tang Station Pro MM-732
Paper Thickness: 80-600g/m2
Max. Paper Size: 320×615mm
Min. Paper Size: 210×297mm
Die Cutting Size: 320×200mm
Die Cutting Pressure: 25T
Working speed: 20sheet/min. (A3+ size, one creasing and two cutting)
Input Power Supply: 220V  6.5KW
Output Power Supply: 24V  0.7KW
Dimension: 1880×680x1620mm
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